Celia, largest Eastern Pacific Hurricane for the month of June since 1973 is losing it's strength as of early this morning. Thursday Celia was classified as category 5 with sustained winds of 145 knots has now decreased to category 4 with sustained winds at 135 knots. Celia is located 750 miles south west of Cabo San Lucas and is on a west-northwest rout. Celia is currently over warmer 85 degree waters which  is helping it keep Hurricane strength, but just 100 mile to the north waters decrease rapidly due to the seasons north westerly winds. As Celia moves towards the colder waters thru the weekend she will start losing a lot of her strength as Hurricanes depend on water temps above 80 degrees to hold strength. So it's not looking like we will be receiving a massive south swell, but we should be seeing some decent size waves by the end of the weekend on the most south facing beaches.

Surf starts picking up a on the Central Coast!!!

Here's a preview of this weeks coastal waters foercast from Pt. Piedras Blancas to Pt. Arguello.
 TUES- Northwest winds 15 to 25 kt gusts to 30. Combined sea swell 11' to 14' at 11 sec.
          Dense coastal fog in the morning. Swell grows 12' to 14' in the evening.
 WED- Northwest winds 15 to 25 kt gusts to 30. Combined sea swell 11' to 13' at 11 sec.
          Patchy fog in the morning.
 THUR-Northwest winds 10 to 20 kt gusts to 25. Wind waves 2' to 4'. NW swell 7' to 10'. 
          Patchy fog in the morning.
  FRI-  Northwest winds 15 to 25 kt gusts to 30. Combined sea swell 9' to 11'   
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Art on the Central Coast

Art by local Shell Beach artist/pro surfer Eric Soderquist. Check out his awsome pieces at 

CentralCal local boy Matt Gallagher-JUST RIPPING-

Thats from the Pipeline Posse video. It's a cool video, tons of barrels!!!!! SIC!!!

Can I post my sequence shot? Hoping youd be as stoked on it as i was!

Enjoying a day at the beach!
Point Sal Secret Beach, one of the top 5 most beautiful places i've aver been. NO Joke. 
So I understand that all the new youngsters in surfing rip and can pull off some crazy menuevers, but do you really think that they are world tour material. Is it just me or did the tour completely change the roster this year bringing on more rookies than any other years. Or am I just getting old and not use to all the new young surfers?

Is this the beginning of a new surfing era?